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    Jellom Industrial Co.,LTD. is a Taiwanese manufacturer established in 1990, specializing in the production of CNC lathe machining, CNC automatic lathe machining, computer lathe machining, and various yellow brass products. The company adheres to excellent quality, good credit, and friendly service attitude, producing various precision metal parts for cutting and shaping, including yellow brass, steel, aluminum, cast iron, and titanium alloys. In order to expand its service scope, Jellom Industrial Co.,LTD. actively invests in technology research and development and equipment upgrades to manufacture the highest quality CNC lathe machining products.

We use the most advanced Japanese axis CNC computer composite precision automatic lathe, which is applied to various high precision metal parts with high difficulty and complexity. Our equipment is fully equipped and reaches international standards. In order to strengthen the quality management of CNC lathe machining products, we continuously improve and use the best inspection equipment, equipped with standard measuring tools, and strengthen the use of measurement instruments such as optical projectors (image precision measurement) to meet customer requirements and ensure the production of the highest quality CNC lathe machining products.
CNC Machining scope ISO9001
CNC Machining scope
Yellow Brass
Stainless Steel
Titanium Alloy
Machining scope: yellow brass, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium alloy (various high difficulty, high complexity precision metal parts).